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But the worst part was when the melee battle turned into a projectile one, and our main 3 did some utterly pointless dance before getting onto Tsugumi in flying halberd form, then successfully dodged the rain of energy Shaula was throwing at them while making no apparent attempt. At least show Tsugumi bobbing and weaving to avoid her attacks!And of course it came down to a classic Kamehameha who-can-shout-louder battle at the end.Maybe some classroom scenes showing that flying form as something she was working on.It’s more satisfying if the special ability the main character gains at the end is the culmination of something that she was working on the entire time, rather than something pulled out for convenience.In fact, there was a bunch that happened in these last 2 episodes that I thought the show could have set up a lot better in prior episodes.For example, the Thompson sisters finally did something meaningful by driving Tsugumi to catch and bring back Anya, but was that really enough of a payoff after the show spent an entire episode on them? The show spent an entire episode bringing them together, only to split them apart a few episodes later, and now they’re on good terms again.It rarely had that quirky charm of the original series and was content just to be another generic friendship-is-magic show.I didn’t regret watching it, but there are plenty of shows out there that do the same things but better and with more personality.

That’s unfortunate, because what action there was was very impressive at times, while the story ended up very messy, a jumble of characters and motivations and conflicts that didn’t quite come together properly.

But such complaints aside, the final episodes worked. Admittedly they were all very short and relatively unimaginative, but they had fine animation and choreography.

Anya more than any character actually had a personality throughout the series, and her hard-nosed take-no-shit attitude was a delight to watch, both with her handlers and with Dr. The finale delivered some good ones involving our main 3, as Anya battled Meme on a rooftop and Tsugumi joined in to get a quick smooch in to deliver the antidote.

After all the pretty martial arts the show featured, it came down to just pushing really really hard. Also, Tsugumi copping out and declaring both Anya and Meme her meisters is bullshit.

Yes, I saw it coming, and you probably did too, but it’s still bad and trivializes the stress Tsugumi experienced thinking of choosing one or the other.

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