Updating computer clock

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As mentioned above, the first approach in this case would be re-synchronizing your Windows computer with an online time server and see if this fixes the problem. Right click on Windows 10 in case you find that Windows Time Service has not been started.Now, start monitoring your computer’s time for a few days.The CMOS chip is powered by a battery so as to keep the BIOS data active even when the computer is turned off and not connected to a power supply.Image source: When the CMOS battery goes bad or comes to the end of its design life, CMOS chip starts losing information and this is indicated by a slowing clock on your computer.In case the computer clock starts losing time again, the problem may be due to one of the following issues.CMOS which stands for ‘Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor’ is a static Random Access Memory device that stores the BIOS values for your computer, including date and time information.

From the Win X Menu, open Settings service and double-click on it.

Is your Windows 10/8/7 computer displaying the wrong Time in the Taskbar?

If it is this, then this post gives you some tips on how to fix the problem and make Windows 10 display the correct system time in the Taskbar. The Windows Time Service may just stop working or Time Synchronization may fail.

To do this, open an elevated command prompt and type the following commands one after the other: Reboot your computer and see if it has helped.

If nothing helps, check and replace your CMOS battery if it has been drained. If nothing works, make use of some free Time synchronization software.

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